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Public transportation

Public transport operates an integrated fare system enabling passengers to obtain a free transfer from one method of public transport to another within a period of 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are different types of travel cards and transport passes in Barcelona, valid throughout the public transport network (metro, buses, tram and suburban rail). They can be purchased at metro stations or tram stations and tobacconists and newsagents. They can also be purchased online (https://tickets.tmb.cat/en)

Single ticket: €2.40 (single journey only, does not allow free transfers)
T-casual card: €11.35 Individual travel card allowing 10 journeys to be made on all operators in the Integrated Fare System

You can consult the offer and prices of basic tickets or travel cards and passes valid for multi-journeys and by days on the following link.

Day passes

Hola BCN!
The Hola BCN! Barcelona transport pass offers unlimited journeys on the metro, bus (TMB) and the rest of the Barcelona public transport network at any time of day for a period of 48 h (€15.20), 72 h (€22.20), 96 h (€28.80) or 120 h (€35.40) counting from the moment you first use the ticket. The card is also valid for metro journeys from Barcelona Airport to the city centre and vice versa.

Other transportation

Taxis: Taxis with a green light can be hailed on the street. All taxis accept credit cards.
Taxi telephone: Taxi Ecològic +34 932 78 30 00 – Radio Taxi + 34 933 03 30 33


Please take note of the following safety precautions:

● Do not display large amounts of cash; carry only as much as you need.
● Carry your handbag or backpack in front of you.
● Be vigilant in crowds, restaurants, and public transportation.
● When walking around the city, know how to get to your destination in advance.
● Emergency telephone line in more than fifty languages: 112.
● Take note of the contact information for your country’s closest consulate.


Smoking is banned in all public spaces, including the conference venue.


Barcelona enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. In October, average temperatures vary between 20 and 23 °C during the day and 17 – 15 °C at night.

Credit cards and tipping

Most establishments accept credit cards.
Tipping in bars and restaurants is not mandatory in Barcelona, but if you tip, 5% is recommended.

Opening Hours

Banks are open from 8:30 h to 14:00 h. ATMs are widely available throughout Barcelona and most are operational 24 hours a day. Shops usually open from 10:00 h to 21:00 h in the city centre and they close from 14:00 h to 17:00 h in other neighbourhoods.


In Barcelona there are two official languages, Spanish and Catalan, but English is spoken in many stores, bars and restaurants in the city centre.


Tap water is safe to drink in Barcelona but it does not have a pleasant taste.


In emergency situations, you can contact the local police, ambulance service, fire department and other emergency services by calling 112.
All European citizens may go to a hospital with the European Health Insurance Card. All other participants will need to secure their own personal health insurance prior to arrival.


Electric outlets in Barcelona are continental European and have two round-pin outputs and a voltage of 220V.

Time zone

The time in Spain is UTC + 01:00

Travel recommendations

Website of Barcelona Tourism: https://www.barcelonaturisme.com/wv3/en/

Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card (http://www.barcelonacard.com/en) is the city’s official visitor card which let you explore, visit and discover Barcelona at your leisure and offers big savings on visitor attractions. The Barcelona Card includes free admission and discounts at the city’s main visitor attractions.