Building Bridges 2019 is made possible thanks to the effort and dedication of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub, as well as a number of external collaborators.

The Local Organising Committee of Building Bridges 2019 is comprised by:

─ Ricard Guerrero, Academic Director of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub (BKH)
─ Kimberly Katte, BKH Manager and Programme Coordinator of Building Bridges 2019
─ Rubén Duro, BKH Webmaster and Social Media
─ Alexander Fidora MAE, Academic Coordinator of Building Bridges 2019
Support Team:
─ Kathin Golda-Pongratz MAE, Assistant Academic Coordinator
─ Carmen Chica, Coordinator of Activities
─ Mercè Piqueras, Documentation and Dissemination
─ Mercè Berlanga, Programmer and Graphic Designer
─ Kathrin Golda-Pongratz MAE, Coordinator of Speakers
─ Maite Sánchez, On-site Logistics and External Activities

Local secretariat, conference planning and management tasks for implementing Building Bridges 2019 are carried out by Manners Conferences and Events, a Barcelona-based company with extensive experience in professional conference organisation.
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