How to get from the airport

  The Barcelona – El Prat airport is located 16 kilometres south of the city and is also known as El Prat, the town where it is located. Terminals T1 and T2 (A, B and C) are organized according to carriers and not to the destination or place of origin. Connections between Barcelona and the airport:

Aerobús (A1 and A2)
— Daily service between Plaça de Catalunya and Barcelona Airport
— Frequency: every 15 minutes
— Approximate journey time: 35 minutes
— Single ticket price: 5.90 €

Metro Line 9 Sud (L9 South)
— Daily service between Zona Universitaria station, downtown and Barcelona Airport
— Frequency: every 7 minutes
— Single ticket price: 4.50 €

Train R2 from terminal 2
— R2 train line is currently the only line that arrives at the airport from Barcelona (Sants Station) or other cities in Catalunya
— The Airport train station is located 200 m outside Terminal T2 (Rodalies de Catalunya Renfe trains)
— Frequency: every 30 minutes
— Approximate journey time: 20-25 minutes
— Single ticket price: 5.30 €

— 24/7 service from taxi ranks located in both airport terminals
— Approximate journey time: 20–40 minutes, depending on the final destination, the traffic conditions and the speed limits in force at the outskirts of Barcelona
— Approximate price: 35 €; amount payable must be indicated on the taximeter.

Some taxi telephone companies: Taxi Ecològic Barcelona +34 932 783 000, Radio Taxi +34 933 03 30 33.