Class Meeting Information


14, 15, 18 October 2021

In addition to the plenary programme, AE Members are encouraged to also register for one or more of the Class meetings (not just their own corresponding Class’ meeting). These sessions, organized by Class Chairs along with their respective Section committees, require advance registration, which must be completed at the same time as registration for the plenary programme.

Class meetings will also feature an outstanding keynote speaker(s) and, in addition, will welcome new Members of AE elected in 2020 and invite them to make short presentations. We invite you to visit the presentation of the incoming class of 2020 new AE Members here

Given that Class meetings will be held on different dates in an all-virtual format this year, these are being organized by different AE Hubs and/or academic institutions, as follows:



Class A1-Humanities and Class A2-Social and Related Sciences (joint virtual meeting) – Thursday, 14 October

Chairs: Poul Holm, Trinity College, Dublin (A1), Bjorn Wittrock, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (A2) 

Coordinator and contact details:

Class A1/A2 (joint session) and the separate Class A2 new member session: Nils Olav Sæverås, University of Bergen (

Class A1 new member session: Joanne D’Arcy, Trinity College Dublin (


Class B-Exact Sciences – Friday, 15 October

Chair: Don Dingwell, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

Coordinator and contact details: Friederike Brandthaus, Munich Knowledge Hub:


Class C-Life Sciences – Monday, 18 October


Chair: Eva Kondorosi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Coordinator and contact details: Juliet Davies, Cardiff Knowledge Hub: